Anna Hogg is an artist and filmmaker working within a hybrid narrative-documentary framework to explore and tease apart the layered textures inherent in the act of telling a story. Much of her work addresses the context and history of a story, focusing on the transformations that manifest because of time, memory, adaptation, translation, preservation, censorship, or public opinion. In her films, the layers
of a story become embodied through image and sound, light and movement, texture and form, gesture and place. Her films have screened internationally, including the Kasseler DokFest, Chicago Underground Film Festival, and Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. She was awarded the Jury prize for Best International Work at the 2017 WNDX Festival, and nominated for the Golden Key award at the 2017 Kasseler
DokFest. She holds an MFA in Film & Video from the California Institute of the Arts and now teaches film history, art theory and practice, as well as film and video production and post-production.